We follow ‘FIXED PRICE’ policy

We do not follow the policy of “more bargain, more discount; no bargain, no Discount” as we feel that such policy will unfairly discriminate between our customers. Instead, we offer uniform discount to all our customers by deducting the discount amount while calculating our list price. In other words, we offer the best possible minimum price to all our customers. We provide top-class user-friendly product at right price.

Some software vendors keep their list price high and then offer discount based on the bargaining capacity of the customer. Price charged to different customers will be not be the same causing much heartburn once a customer knows that more discount has been offered to another customer. This system not only pressurises the customer to bargain more but also leads to unfair discrimination between the customers belonging to the same profession. Moreover, a lot of time has to be wasted by both the customer as well as the company to settle the final price.

To avoid unfair discrimination between our customers and to ensure that our product price is kept uniform and minimum, we offer just one ‘Fixed minimum price’ to all our customers. Our focus is on offering exceptional quality products at very reasonable price.