Well, no amount of words will describe the sweetness of sugar better than tasting it. So, what else are you waiting for? Use Winman products and feel the difference.

Express Installation:

Express Installation will quickly install the software and is 10 times faster than the ‘Full setup’. It will download and install the main components that are necessary to run the software. Other components required for using Add-on features like Help, old Assessment Years, etc will be silently but automatically downloaded by the software in installments without troubling you.

Full Setup:

Full setup will take more time compared to Express Installation. Download the full setup using the links given below only if;

  • you want to install the software in the PC which does not have internet connection
  • you are not able to download the ‘Express’ installation setup of the software.

After downloading, copy the downloaded file to the required PC. Then, double click to install the file.

100% safe / virus-free download:

We assure cent percent safety. You can download our applications without any risks of virus or malware. The files are digitally signed and scanned in top four antivirus software.