Winman CA-ERP, acclaimed as the best income tax software for CAs in India, contains the following modules, viz., Income Tax Software (IT software), Trial Balance software, Balance sheet software, Audit reports software (Form 3CD e-return) and other useful tools. This income tax return software includes Income Tax computation, Income tax returns generation, e-filing tax returns and other useful features. The software also facilitates generation of ITR e-returns as per the e-filing schema prescribed by the Income tax department, Government of India and is considered as the best tax software in India due to its unmatched user-friendliness. The software is specifically developed to revolutionize the Income tax computation, Indian tax return filing procedures, preparation of balance sheet and other functions of CAs in India and therefore is much more than a income tax software for CA and hailed as the leading 'CA office software' in the Indian market.

Winman CA-ERP Advantage!

Unimaginable User-friendliness
Minimum key operations, Input table design matches output

Brilliant Balance Sheet Tool
Import Trial Balance or make your own. Balance Sheet is ready instantly!

Simplicity and Power
Simple like Excel, power-packed with added features!

Unique e-Return filing tool
From uploading ITR to e-verification or ITR-V download in one click!

Incredible Speed
Do ordinary computation in just 5 minutes!

Vibrant 3CD Utility
With auto import of data from computation

Single Window computation
No navigation through multiple windows. Table expands as you make entries!

No duplication of data entries
Complete data portability from Tax computation to ITR, e-Return and 3CD

Features in Winman CA-ERP

  • Income Tax computation in Single window
  • Bulk Import of Previous year files with data
  • Import all data from xml file
  • Depreciation table covering all situations
  • Copy / paste from Excel
  • Document Map for filled-up ITRs
  • Paper return & e-Return
  • Automatic carry forward and set-off of losses
  • Auto-import data from Firm file to Partner file
  • Warnings on incomplete data entry
  • Icon indicating mandatory e-Return
  • User list with editing option
  • Computation option for any status
  • Option to convert an output cell to input cell
  • e-Return submit tool
  • CA e-report filing tool
  • e-Return error locator utility
  • ITR V - Auto-download & remove password &
  • E-verify ITR using EVC / Aadhaar OTP
  • Register assessees for e-filing
  • Register digital signature
  • Change / Export e-filing password
  • Mass import of Login details
  • E-filing profile update
  • Generates '.signature' file using Digital Signature Utility
  • Form 3CD / 29B / 29C / 3CEB / 10B / 10BB e-return
  • Auto-transfer of data from computation & ITR
  • Carry forward of relevant data to future years
  • Import TDS data to 3CD from Winman TDS software
  • CA e-Tools - Register CA, CA login, Add CA, approve e-report
  • e-Return filed / not filed report
  • User-defined MIS report
  • Changes Summary - when locked / finalised files are edited
  • Auto-download updates
  • Software update status display
  • PAN Validation
  • e-Challan utility
  • Rectification/Refund status report
  • Mass e-return processing status report
  • Import data from 26AS in a single click
  • Quick access to Income Tax Act / Rules
  • Auto-import of intimation e-mails and analysis report
  • Download & import XML from IT website
  • Download all filed Forms / XML from IT website
  • Add / Register as Representative
  • Link Aadhaar to PAN
  • Submit e-Sahyog / Compliance
  • Check PAN / TAN Application Status
  • e-Payment
  • Submission of payment details
  • Message services
  • Download digitally signed e-invoice
  • Registration on renewal
  • Auto-registration on formatting / surrendering license
  • Billing
  • Advance IT calculator
  • Mass Advance Tax Planner
  • Compare current year figures to previous year
  • Lock file on finalisation
  • Export / mport salary data to Winman TDS
  • View Bank - IFSC & BSR code
  • FAQ / Instant table help / Training Videos
  • Clarifications with law reference
  • Query Manager Tool
  • Enter Formula instead of value
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Show Desktop to Winman
  • Integration with Cloud data services
  • Open CA-ERP files in read-only mode
  • View Data-path
  • Easy to Group files within data-path
  • Add 'File No.'
  • Search file using PAN / part of PAN / File No.
  • List out recently opened files
  • Auto repair tool
  • Format wizards
  • Auto saving data
  • Password Security
  • Undo and Redo facility
  • Periodic 3-way Auto-backup
  • Concurrently edit many files in a PC
  • Access attached file path in a single click