Winman GST Software

Unimaginable user-friendliness

  • Simple, Single window design. Easy to understand Display.

Import / Export from Excel

  • Saves your time. Flexibility of Excel with added features.

Seamless reconciliation

  • Intelligent reconciliation tool with auto suggestions of mismatch.

Instant return generation

  • Generation of e-returns in a single click.
  • Instant upload with auto fill of password.
  • Auto warning message to reduce errors. Data entry validation facility.

Host of wonderful features

  • Instant download of JSON file (similar to XML)
  • Covers all types of GST Returns
  • Import data from Tally
  • Auto fill up of HSN Code
  • Easy to print forms
  • e-return Error link to the input cell
  • e-Challan generation

No duplication of data entry

  • Master data register for repetitive items.
  • Easy to use data entry options.


  • Send queries directly from software with Query Manager
  • Highly responsive customer care
  • Training videos
  • FAQ/Instant help
  • GST Reckoner

Add-on features

  • e-Return filed/not filed report
  • Winman Data in cloud
  • Format wizard
  • Auto-save
  • MIS Report
  • Auto-repair tool
  • Password Security
  • Periodic 3-way Auto-backup
  • Concurrently edit many files in a PC

Software updates

  • Regular software updates
  • Update notifications with auto-download option