Winman TDS Software is Software for TDS returns preparation, generation and e-filing. It helps you in TDS computation, generates TDS return Form 24Q, Form 27Q, Form 26Q, Form 27EQ, Form 16, Form 16A and e-filing of TDS returns. The e-TDS Software provides you efficient TDS solution for generation of TDS NSDL Quarterly statements and thereby helps in filing accurate TDS returns as per the format prescribed by the Income tax department, government of India.

Advantage Winman TDS!

Unimaginable User-friendliness
Minimum key operations. Simple and easy to use design

Simplicity and Power
Simple, but power-packed with advanced facilities

No navigation through multiple windows
Avoids confusion in data entry and thereby speeds the process

Advanced online Tools
Access TRACES website and perform various operations automatically!

Features in Winman TDS

  • Paper / e-returns - Form 24Q / 26Q / 27Q / 27EQ
  • Generates / validates FVU
  • Error list & Warnings in appropriate cases
  • Interest Calculation Report
  • Short TDS Report
  • Auto-filled paper / e- challans
  • Auto-filled forms in a single click
  • Merge Form 16 'Part-A' and 'Part-B' PDF
  • PAN / TAN Validation
  • Challan e-verification
  • e-Filing of TDS/TCS returns
  • DSC utility for e-filing TDS returns
  • Download IT Provisional Receipt File
  • Download Form 16 / 16A / 16B / 27D from TRACES
  • Online 'Add Challan' facility
  • Direct access to TAN registration page
  • Request / Download Consolidated FVU file
  • Auto-download mass Consolidated FVU files
  • Download TRACES 'Defaults' file
  • Online Challan / PAN correction
  • Register Digital Signature
  • Check e-return status in NSDL / IT website
  • Auto-download Challan Input File
  • Submit declaration for non-filing return
  • Know TAN / PAN Application Status
  • Import master data from PY
  • Import / Export data from Excel
  • View previous e-return data in Excel
  • Import data from '.txt' file
  • Export/Import Salary data to / from WinmanCA-ERP
  • Generate TDS report for 3CD
  • View Revised Return changes
  • e-Payment
  • Submission of payment details
  • Message services
  • Download digitally signed e-invoice
  • Registration on renewal
  • Auto-registration on formatting / surrendering license
  • Auto-download updates
  • Software update status display
  • IFSC / Bank branch code list
  • FAQ / Instant table help / Training videos
  • User generated list
  • Built-in TDS rates
  • Show Desktop to Winman
  • Integration with Cloud data services
  • Locking the file after generating e-return
  • PDF Digital Signer
  • Query Manager Tool
  • View Data-path
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • 80C & other sub-tables in Salary table
  • Periodic 2-way Auto-backup
  • Auto-Diagnostic and Repair Tool
  • Auto-saving data on abrupt shut down of PC
  • 'Format Wizard' to assist while formatting PC