Use it, feel it and only then pay for it!

Winman believes in complete customer satisfaction before selling. Thus, we provide you the opportunity to use our software and get convinced before actually buying it. Only if, you are amply satisfied with the performance and quality of the software, you can choose to buy!

So, what are you waiting for? Download and experience the superiority and user-friendliness of the software. You are the best judge. You know it is your precious time that is at stake while making a choice. So, make a wise choice to ensure a relaxed practice work. Use it to believe it!!

The software can be used freely for a period of one month. If the period expires and you wish to continue using the software, you can contact our customer care for the registration key. Alternatively, you can create an user account. On creation of user account, the registration key will be conveyed to you over the phone by our customer care personnel.

Once you are fully satisfied and convinced with the exceptional utilities of the software, you can pay for the license to use the software for a long term.