How to use Winman CA-ERP?
  • Simplified data entry with simple table designs
  • Easy to select Income heads
  • Built-in list items
  • Auto-recommendation of ITR forms
  • Instant help links, wherever necessary
  • Shows Errors & Warnings to avoid invalid data entry
  • Print the computation details/Export the data to Excel
And many more…
Generate IT e-return/ XML file
Generate e-return in a single click! A extremely user-friendly e-return filing tool!
  • List out errors / warnings for inappropriate data-entry
  • Auto-upload of e-return file
  • Easier access to Digital Signature Utility
  • Auto-generation of EVC
  • Auto-download of ITR-V
and many more…
Import ‘Form 26AS’ data
Entering the TDS data in IT return is really a tiresome job especially in case of large data. Using the 26AS import option available in the Winman CA-ERP, you can directly import data available in Form 26AS to TDS, Advance tax and Self-assessment tax tables of the software in a single click. Further, you can edit the data in Form 26AS if required, and then import the data to the software using the Excel import option. Saves your precious time and effort!
Import data from previous year files
Forget about entering the basic details in CA-ERP file of each Assessee every year. Import all the previous year CA-ERP files to current year in a single click! On import, details like Assessee information, Bank account details, Closing WDV of your depreciable assets, Carried forward losses of previous years and many more details are imported to relevant CA-ERP file of the Assessee instantly. Saves your valuable time and effort!
Auto-filled e-Challan /Paper Challan
Enjoy hassle-free payment of Taxes! Pay tax online sitting in your home or office through auto-filled e-challan in seconds. Following e-challans and paper challans can be generated using Winman CA ERP:
  • Advance Tax
  • Self Assessment Tax
  • Regular Assessment Tax
  • Dividend Tax
  • Service Tax
It saves your precious time and effort as all the requisite details are auto-filled in the e-challan page, you just need to enter your Bank account details. You can also pay taxes using the auto-filled paper challan generated in Winman CA-ERP which can be readily printed and submitted to the Bank.
Balance Sheet Tool
How much time do you require to prepare an ordinary B/S and P & L a/c from Tally accounts? Definitely not less than 1 to 2 hours. Isn’t it? Okay, now, do you want to do the same work within 15 minutes? Then, use our wonderful module ‘Balance Sheet’. Simply import data from Tally and your balance sheet is ready instantly! You can customise it easily. Further, the output is an user-friendly Excel file. You can re-import from Tally in a single click any number of times, whenever there are changes. You can also transfer the data to ITR B/S in a single click. Say goodbye to manual preparation of balance sheet. Just use ‘Balance Sheet’ tool of Winman!
Revised Return
Do you want to rectify any mistakes or omissions done in Original return? No need to worry! You can always file a Revised return. Using Winman CA-ERP it is as simple as that to file Revised return. Just open the Original return file, enter the Date of filing original return and its acknowledgement number, make necessary corrections and generate the return. That’s it! The Revised file will be saved separately keeping the Original return file details intact.
Rectification Return u/s 154
Are you required to file a Rectification return in response to intimation u/s 143(1) or order u/s 154 issued by CPC? Just open the Original return file in CA-ERP, enter the ‘CPC intimation order no.’, ‘Ack. No. of original return’, etc., make necessary corrections and generate the return. The Rectified file will be saved separately keeping the Original return file details intact. Further, the software will auto-login to the relevant page of e-filing website and the Rectified e-return file will be automatically linked. Just select the Rectification type and reason and submit the return. That’s it!
Auto-import data from Firm/LLP file to Partner file
Need to file IT return of the partners along with Firm/LLP IT return? Winman CA-ERP avoids duplication of data entry wherever possible. Hence, data of partners’ available in Firm/LLP file such as Remuneration, Interest, Share of Profit (%) etc., will be auto-filled to Individual Partner’s file. Further, these data will be re-imported and kept up-to-date as and when you open the Partner’s file. Relieves you from re-entering the data in each partner’s file!
Depreciation Table
Some of the fascinating features available in Depreciation Table:
  • Table expands as you make entry!
  • Easy selection of blocks with ‘check-box’ facility
  • Warning messages wherever required
  • Auto-transfer of Additions/Deletions to Form 3CD
  • Auto- calculation of Depreciation as per Income Tax Act
  • Option to enter Additions/Deletions in detail and many more….
MIS Report
MIS summary report is a user-friendly report generated in Winman CA-ERP which contains a list of all important details of all assessees, in a single Excel file. It helps a CA to list out each client’s PAN, address and contact details, Total income, Tax details, ITR return type, Status, etc. instantly. The report is very flexible as it can be generated in seconds for any Assessment year, any Status of Assessee and also data can be filtered in the Excel file to get the desired data of particular client.
Change Data-path
You can easily change the data-path of the files saved by the software. In a few seconds, the new data-path will be set and all the existing files in the old data-path will be shifted to the new data-path. Saves your precious time.
Changes in Due Date of Filing return
IT return filing Due Date has been extended by CBDT? Then you may need to make necessary changes in month calculation of Interest u/s 234A / 234B, declaration of C/F Losses, etc. However, in Winman CA-ERP all the calculations are done automatically and Due Date changes are also immediately updated. Still, if it is needed, you can manually change the Due Date as applicable for either single or mass files. All other changes will be done automatically.
Format Wizard/Surrender Registration before formatting PC
Don’t worry about losing Winman CA-ERP software and its data while formatting your PC/Drive. The Winman CA-ERP provides you to backup the data and software before formatting your PC. As well, you can surrender your registration (i.e. software license) before formatting. Once if you complete the format process, you can re-install the software and it will be automatically re-registered. Saves your Precious data!
Restore data from Backup files
Don’t worry if you have lost your tax files or any other Winman data! To avoid Accidental loss of data, Software automatically backup the data at regular intervals. You can restore the required version of backup files whenever required.
Intimation Download
How much time it will take to check the Intimation mails has come or not!? Winman provides you the easiest way to see intimation mails of all assesses in a single window. Do some settings in your e-mail and you can auto-download and see the intimation mails. Download the mails daily, weekly or monthly as per the settings choosen by you.
Disclose ‘Part A-OI’ of ITR without filling 3CD window
Are you not liable to file 3CD e-report or is 3CD already filed using other software? Do you want to enter only Tax Audit details, viz. ‘Schedule Part A-OI’ for ITR? If yes, then, there is an option to convert ‘3CD’ window to ‘OI’ window in the Software. Through this option, you can enter Tax Audit details in ITR Data entry window without entering 3CD data.
PAN Validation
Verify PAN of your client in a single click before uploading the return. As per the e-return Validation rules of Income Tax department, ‘Name’ of the taxpayer in ITR should match with ‘Name’ as per the IT Department’s Database. Otherwise, return will not be uploaded. Using Winman CA-ERP you can validate the PAN and know the ‘Name’ of the PAN holder as per the IT Department’s Database.
XML Import
Import XML file without any hassle using “Import from XML” feature!
  • Import single / multiple XML files
  • Import XML file generated in different software
  • If only XML file exists or Wintax file is lost, data can be restored using this option.
And many more…
How to File GSTR 1?
There are 3 steps involved in filing of GSTR 1 return:
  • Save (Upload data – you can edit data later)
  • Submit (Approval of data – no more changes allowed)
  • File (e-Sign)
‘Winman GST’ has made this process easier and saves your valuable time and effort.
GSTR 3B – filing procedure
File GSTR-3B return easily. Only following steps are involved:
  • e-Return Upload
  • e-Payment of Tax
  • Set-off Liability (set off Tax paid & ITC to the Tax payable)
  • File (e-Sign)
Import data from Tally to Winman GST
GSTR-1 data entry has become easier now! Tally Sales register can be imported to GSTR-1 tables of Winman GST software in a few steps:
  • Create Sales register file in Tally
  • Import from Sales Register
  • Map ledgers to GSTR-1 table columns
  • Import to Software
GSTR-9 Filing procedure
GSTR-9 is an annual return for Regular tax payers. It involves the following steps only:
  • Download auto-populated data from GST website
  • Update other data as per books
  • Upload e-return
  • File return
GSTR-9C Filing procedure
File the GST audit report GSTR-9C in few steps using Winman GST:
  • Download auto-populated data from GST website
  • Update other data as per books
  • Upload e-return with DSC
  • File return
Import / Export data from Excel
Already have GST data in Excel? Just export the Excel format available in the software, paste the data to the Excel format and import the same using ‘Excel Import’ option. This feature is very helpful in case of huge data which is already available in the Excel file. Great relief from re-entering the data!
Deleting the invoices
Do you want to delete the invoices which are already uploaded in GST website? No need to worry! In ‘Action’ column select ‘Delete’ from the list and upload the return. Invoice will be deleted in website and software. That’s it!
Import e-return Error Report to MS word
If the uploaded data is processed with error, the error report is available in JSON format within a Zipped folder in GST website. It is difficult to understand the error in JSON file. Therefore, software automatically extracts the data from Error report and shows it in Word format.
CMP-08 Filing procedure
Composition tax payers have to file Quarterly return in Form CMP-08. It is simple & easy process to file CMP08 in software. The steps are:
  • e-Return Upload
  • e-Payment of Tax
  • File return
GSTR-4 Filing procedure
GSTR-4 is an annual return for Composition tax payers. It is simple & easy process to file GSTR-4 in software. The steps are:
  • Download GSTR-4A data
  • e-Return Upload
  • e-Payment of Tax
  • File return
Reconciliation of GSTR 2B & Purchase register
Taxpayer can claim input credit of purchases only if invoices are reflected in GSTR-2B. However, the GSTR-2B data updated by sellers in GST website may not match the data as per Accounts books. Therefore, you have to download GSTR-2B, reconcile with data as per Accounts Books and compute the ITC available for the month. This task has been simplified in Winman GST by providing automatic reconciliation of GSTR-2B and Books data. Saves your precious time and effort!
How to use Winman-TDS?
  • Simplified data- entry. No Duplication
  • No navigation through multiple windows
  • Import data from Excel/txt file, if available
  • Built in list items wherever necessary
  • Form 24Q/26Q/27Q/27EQ
Revised TDS/TCS return
No doubt, the procedure of filing TDS/TCS Revised return is quite lengthy. In Winman-TDS the Revised return procedure is fully automated. Hence, when you place a request for Consolidated FVU file, all the required details in the TRACES website is filled automatically from the TDS file. Next, when you download the requested Consolidated FVU file, which will be in zipped format, it will be extracted by auto-filling the password and saved in Data-path. Just import the FVU file to the Original return file, make the corrections and generate the return. Using Winman-TDS, Revised return is now simpler and faster!
Add new Challan to Revised TDS/TCS return
It’s no more problematic to add new Challan to already submitted TDS/TCS return! In Winman-TDS you have to just place a request for ‘Add Challan’ in the TRACES website and remaining steps will be automatically done by the software till the download of the Consolidated FVU file. Just import the Consolidated FVU file to the software, add deduction details for the new Challan, if any and file the Revised return.
Download ‘Form 16A’ from TRACES
The process of downloading ‘Form 16A’ from TRACES consumes lot of your precious time, as it includes placing request in TRACES by filling the requisite details, downloading the ‘Form 16A’ zip file and ‘Form 16A PDF converter utility’ of TRACES which is required to convert the zip file into PDF, entering the password and finally generating the ‘Form 16A’ PDF file. In Winman-TDS, this procedure is fully automated. When you place request for download of ‘Form 16A’, login details and other requisite details are auto-filled. Next, when you download the file, all further process is done automatically by the software and the ‘Form 16A’ PDF file is generated instantly. Saves your precious time and effort!
Import / Export TDS data from Excel
Already have TDS data in Excel? Just export the Excel format available in the software, paste the data to the Excel format and import the same using ‘Excel Import’ option. This feature is very helpful in case of huge data which is already available in the Excel file. Great relief from re-entering the data!
Challan e-verification Tool
Check the correctness of the Challan details entered in the software by comparing them with the corresponding Challan details available in the NSDL website. Using the Challan verification tool, you can verify all the Challan details in a single click. The Challan verification result of each Challan whether ‘Completely Matched’, ‘Partially Matched’ or ‘Not Found’ will be displayed in a separate row. Just click on the result and correct the details. Ensures accuracy of data!
Import Master data from Previous year
Once you enter the Master data in Winman-TDS, forget about re-entering the data again and again each year. Just import the previous year TDS file to current year. In a single click, the Deductor and Deductee details are imported to all the quarters of the current year TDS file instantly. No duplication of data entry!
TDS/TCS e-return
Filing TDS/TCS returns no longer tedious with Winman-TDS! Generate error-free returns in seconds. Just, fill data in the software either manually or import the data available in Excel and generate the return. Errors or Warnings if any will be listed out. Further, challan input file (.csi file) which is mandatory, will be automatically downloaded from NSDL website. The software generates FVU file as per NSDL format and automatically validates the same with NSDL Validation software. You can either upload the FVU file online in IT e-filing website or submit the same to TIN-FCs managed by NSDL.
PAN Validation Tool
Use this user-friendly tool available in Winman-TDS to check the authenticity of all the PANs of the deductees in a single click. Option is also available to get the respective PAN holder’s name as per IT department database. So get relieved from the tiresome work of validating each PAN. Saves your precious time and effort!
Download ‘Defaults’ file (Justification report)
In case of short deduction, short payment or late payment of tax by the Deductor, TRACES will issue ‘Defaults’ file, which has to be downloaded from its website. You can easily place a request/download the same from TRACES website. Software will automatically unzip the ‘Defaults’ file using ‘zip’ programs and password required to open the zip file. Further, the ‘TRACES Justification Report Generation utility’ is auto-downloaded to convert the file to Excel. Saves your precious time and effort!
Interest Calculation Report
Based on the data entered in the file, the software automatically calculates the interest u/s 201(1A)(i) for late deduction and u/s 201(1A)(ii) for late payment of tax. Detailed calculation will be reported in a Excel file and saved for your future reference. Generate auto-calculated Interest report in seconds!
Salary Details for Form 24Q-Q4 / Generate Form 16 Part-B / Form 12BA
Salary details of each and every employees’ can be entered in Winman-TDS without any hassle. Appropriate list items are provided wherever required. Items like House Rent Allowance (HRA), Exemptions u/s 10, etc., are auto-calculated. The relevant data will reflect in ‘Form 24Q’ of Quarter-4, ‘Form 16 Part-B’ and ‘Form 12BA’. You can also generate ‘Form 16 Part-B’ and ‘Form 12BA’ along with your TDS Return filing! No duplication of Data Entry!
Auto-filled e-Challan / Paper Challan
Enjoy hassle-free payment of Tax deducted or collected at source! Pay tax online sitting in your home or office through auto-filled e-challan in seconds. Winman-TDS saves your precious time and effort as all the requisite details are auto-filled in the e-challan page. You just need to enter your Bank account details and amount details. You can also pay taxes using the auto-filled paper challan generated in Winman-TDS, which can be readily printed and submitted to the Bank.
TDS/TCS Paper Returns
Generate Form 26Q/24Q/27Q/27EQ paper return for Original as well as Revised files in seconds. By generating paper return, you can also check the data of the e-return files and thereby avoid any mistakes in e-return.
Import data from e-return files
Option is available in the software to import the data from ‘.txt’ file which is created while generating the return. Further you can also import data from consolidated FVU files. Hence, if you want to import the data from ‘.txt’ file generated in any other software or if you have lost the original TDS file, this feature will be of great use. No need of re-entry! Saves your precious time and effort!!
Export Salary data to Winman CA-ERP
Do you have the Salary details entered for Form-24Q in Winman-TDS software? Then just export those data to Winman CA-ERP for IT return filing purpose. Income from Salaries, Income from Other sources, Deductions under Chapter VI-A, Investment u/s 80C, CCC, CCD, Relief u/s 89, TDS & many more details are imported in few seconds. Details of each Employee is imported to separate CA-ERP files and saved in your data-path. Saves your precious time and effort!
Import data from Winman CA-ERP to Winman-TDS
Do have individual employees IT Return data in Winman CA-ERP files? Then get relieved from manual entry of employees’ salary details to file TDS Return in ‘Form 24Q’ of Quarter-4. Each employee’s Salary details and Chapter VI-A deduction details can be imported from Winman CA-ERP to ‘Deductee’ and ‘Salary’ windows of Winman-TDS. Saves your precious time and effort!
Generate Short TDS report
If there is any shortfall of TDS/TCS deducted, Challan amount utilised, TDS on Salary or any Invalid PAN in your TDS return, there are chances of receiving a notice from CPC. To avoid such notice, in Winman TDS, option is given to generate a report containing details of:
  • Short/Excess TDS/TCS deducted
  • Short/Excess Challan amount utilized
  • Short/Excess TDS on Salary
  • Invalid or unverified PANs
This option relieves you from the risk of getting a notice. TDS/TCS filing made easier..!
E-Return Processing Status
Now you are just one click away from knowing the status of e-return. You can view the status, as well as download and save it for future reference. To know the status, in Software, go to Online and select ‘e-Return Processing Status – TRACES’.
Download Challan details
Challan details required for the TDS/TCS returns will be available in the NSDL website after 3 days of payment. However, it is tiresome to enter the details each and every Challan manually. To relieve from that difficulty, ‘Download Challan details’ option is given in the Software. Just right click on any cell of the Challan window and select ‘Download Challan details’. Enter necessary details and Challan details will be imported directly to Challan window. Saves your precious time….!
TDS Report for Form 3CD
Now you can generate TDS report for Form 3CD without any hassle. In single click, consolidated files will be downloaded from TRACES website and TDS report as required to disclosed in Form 3CD will be generated in a Excel file. This data can be directly imported to Winman CA-ERP. Easy migration of data from Winman TDS to CA-ERP!
Know applicability of Sec. 206AB/206CCA to Deductees
Section 206AB and 206CCA mandate tax deduction or collection at a higher rate if a ‘specified person’ has failed to file income tax returns for the previous two financial years. While Section 206AB deals with TDS (Tax Deducted at Source), 206CCA is applicable for TCS (Tax Collected at Source) at a higher rate. To know whether the section 206AB /206CCA are applicable to a deductee, a right-click menu is given in Winman TDS. Through this feature, knowing the applicability of section 206AB/206CCA is made easier. You can download the applicability for single deductee or all deductees at once. Winman TDS…! TDS return filing made simpler…